Healthy Inspirations Staff



Linda L. Lex


Linda Lex opened the doors of Healthy Inspirations on October 1st, 2004. With her love for healthy eating, exercise, and serving others it has been a perfect fit. For many years Linda tried every diet out there without great success. Then she discovered in changing her eating habits to add healthy choices and start eliminating processed, high caloric foods while incorporating exercise, the pounds slowly dropped off and they stayed off. No more of the YoYo dieting! “Life Style” change is just common sense. It works and that’s what Healthy Inspirations is all about! Like any good change, learn to enjoy the process and the results will come. Healthy Inspirations helps clients "Enjoy the Process". Linda inspires people to Love!!!

“My goal from the first day I opened was to make sure anyone coming into my facility would leave a happier and healthier person. Healthy Inspirations of San Luis Obispo has indeed been successful in that pursuit! It is so rewarding to hear comments the clients make or to read their testimonials. Be sure to go to Success Stories and read just a few of the many success stories”   Linda L. Lex


Nutritionist,  NASM Certified Trainer, 200 RYT

Malia Mattox, B.S. Nutrition

HI Yoga class Friday’s 5:30pm-6:30pm


The instruction of this class integrates a special hybrid of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga, synchronizing the flow of sun and moon energies. Typically the class will be constructed with three parts: a warm up for major joints, flow and work phase (expect a dynamic flow most days), and closing cool down with meditation. At the beginning of class, the instructor likes to hear a few shout outs about what the students' body may need that day and will adjust poses or class sequence accordingly. The focus of each class is for time well spent on healing, unifying and rejuvenating the quality of connection with mind, body, spirit. All levels are welcome. 

 Malia Mattox worked at Healthy Inspirations from July 2006 – May 2014 as a life coach specializing in weight loss, personal trainer and yoga instructor. She now is a private contractor to Healthy Inspirations for providing personal training and teaching yoga class. She completed a bachelor’s of science degree in nutrition from California Polytechnic State University December 2009.   She has dedicated her education and life practice to serving and loving others. In addition, is working to expand education for nutrition and healthy lifestyles of wellness in our community, hopefully in our country and world. She believes we are all teachers and students that are here to constantly work in progress for improving ourselves individually and together as one.

"As we are human, we are imperfect.  Therefore, we must keep a mindful, positive work in progress.  Healthy Inspirations provides a positive, supportive, successful environment, which helps individuals improve and sustain Quality of Life.  I love working with Linda Lex in a team effort of inspiring and supporting others who are ready to make lifestyle changes to achieve their goals with great results.  The women at Healthy Inspirations are incredible and inspirational to me in so many ways, Namaste."  Malia Mattox (Owner of Namaste Nutrition & Fitness)


Life Style Coach

Julie Wolfenberger


Julie Wolfenberger has been a part of Healthy Inspirations of San Luis Obispo for the last two years. She became very familiar with Healthy Inspirations as a client, and now is using her knowledge of the program along with her outgoing personality in helping new clients reach their desired weight and fitness level. You’ll see Julie’s Before and After picture when you check out Success Stories.

“I have always had an interest in nutrition and have enjoyed playing tennis and working out. I love both working and working out at Healthy Inspirations. It is so rewarding to see our clients of all ages coming in with a smile and motivated to exercise, eat healthy, and improve their overall lifestyle.” Julie Wolfenberger


Life Style Coach

Jamie Potts


Jamie Potts is the daughter of Linda Lex, Owner and Operator of Healthy Inspirations. She enjoys working with our women through their weight loss journey as she successfully completed the Healthy Inspirations Nutrition Plan. Jamie lost 30 pounds on our nutrition plan and has kept the weight off for over 2 years. Jamie loves working out regularly at the gym 5-6days a week.