About Our Program


80% of successful weight loss is learning how to eat right. You will be given an individualized eating program to meet your lifestyle with grocery store foods, as well as restaurant and fast food options. Simple recipes and cooking tips are also provided.

Personal Coaching

Receiving one-on-one coaching sessions each visit is key to your success. You will be provided with education, support and motivation in a friendly, comfortable environment.


Successful weight maintenance is greatly dependent upon an active lifestyle. A simple, beginner-friendly, 29-minute circuit makes it easy for you to exercise. The strength component also provides you with all the benefits of toning and firming. You will lose inches while increasing your energy and stamina.


Stress directly affects people’s eating choices. Weekly relaxation treatments in a Shiatsu massage chair provide you with a stress releasing, soothing indulgence to keep you in control.

We invite you to discover Healthy Inspirations and get to know a new way to approach your weight loss goals. End the frustration and begin the path to a much better you.

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Let this healthy weight loss program inspire you to take the weight off and keep it off. See real women and real results. View the before and after photos here.