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Healthy Inspirations is a nationally recognized healthy weight loss program developed by a team of doctors and a registered dietician.

This is a weight loss program with all the components you need to lose weight and keep it off.

    •    Nutrition Plan--You will be given an individualized eating program, beginning with a Quick Start plan to lose those first pounds fast.   Simple recipes and cooking tips are also provided. 
    •    One-on-One Coaching-- You will meet with a personal coach 3 times weekly. The accountability and support makes your weight loss journey simple and easy. 
    •    Exercise—Successful weight maintenance is greatly dependent upon an active lifestyle.  The weight loss program includes both strength and cardio exercise for the best results.  From simple exercise to more vigorous work outs, our workout facility can accommodate you.
    •    Relaxation—Weekly relaxation treatments in a Shiatsu massage chair plus Yoga classes provide you with a stress releasing , soothing indulgence to keep you in control.