Eating Out the Healthy Way

What are the challenges for you when dining out? PORTIONS? Weighing and measuring your food at home can make you aware of what a portion should be on your eating plan. Then when you dine out you'll be able to eyeball the correct portions. Just know this is not your last meal--taking home some of your meal and HEY, You've got lunch with no work!!!

MENU CHOICES? Check out the menu before, as long as you know where you'll be eating. And remember, you are the customer. Ask for changes that you would prefer. If you really want to eat healthier, it's your choice. Almost every restaurant will do what you request When I was eating at an airport, I requested that the chicken be grilled rather than fried and they had no problem with the substitution.

DESCRIPTIONS. A study done on thousands of menu descriptions and the calories in those dishes, showed that items labeled "crispy" have, on average, 130 more calories than those lacking the adjective. Dishes described as "marinated" tended to have 60 fewer calories than their unmarinated counterparts. Pay attention to the wording on menus!

LISTEN. to that little voice in your head. My clients tell me that before making a choice of a hamburger and fries or a salad, they hear me in their heads saying "salad salad salad. Hey whatever works!

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My Secrets for Keeping Weight Off

Did you see what Linda ate? She had bread, cheese and wine and then ribs, baked potato, and salad. Then even some ice cream!!! My secret-This is an exception and for sure not my normal eating regime. You, too can eat a special dinner and have just what you want, but not every day! And even then enjoy every bite and when you are satisfied STOP. You won't feel deprived and you won't feel uncomfortable and sluggish.

That popcorn and soda was so good, let's go out for a burger and fries! You just ate something that was off from your nutrition plan and now you add bad to worse! My secret, when you go off your eating plan, get right back on track. Not the next day, but right after you had that unhealthy treat. Make your next meal light and healthy.

The gym is a great place to exercise, but adding in movement in your every day routine can keep you in better shape as well. My secret-I'm lucky. I have lots of stairs in my house and I use them A LOT. Take extra steps when you can!

I don't seem to be losing weight as easily as when I was younger. My secret-Weight training. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. We lose muscle as we age, but we can keep those muscles by adding strength training to our workout.

I keep telling myself, " I can't have that dessert or those french fries." My secret. Think about all the good things you can have. If someone tells me I can't, you just watch me, but if it's my choice, it's easy. Try not to make those unhealthy foods "forbidden fruit." 

Three Strategies for Your Weight Loss Journey

Live in the moment.

Eating is a pleasure as well as a necessity, but do we really enjoy eating when we stuff down a piece of pizza or anything, for that matter. If you are not even paying attention to the taste, the smell, and texture, we've given away a chance to enjoy that moment of pleasure and replaced it with mindless and sometimes regretful eating. Being in the moment can pertain to everything we do, including eating. Where are we rushing to? Looking for happiness? It could have been right on your plate, but you missed it.


Procrastination doesn't sound like a good thing, but it can ward off doing something without thinking first. I've had clients use this technique before they indulge in something they are craving, but tell themselves, they will wait wait 30 minutes and see if they still want the indulgence. By then the craving as stopped. Success and they feel empowered.!

Have a plan.

I've talked about this before, but it works. Not just planning your meals, but planning ahead if your eating out or packing for a camping trip. Know before you go what you want to order from the menu or what you want to pack for your camping trip. You'll be prepared and be able to relax and enjoy the company and the meal!