Alkaline vs Acidity in your Diet

The body does a wonderful job of keeping us in homeostasis-a balance. Healthy Inspirations is all about balance. One of the diets that focus on this balance is the alkaline diet. Some studies have shown  that eating foods that are alkaline provides the body with substances to use so the body has an easier time maintaining this balance.

Eating 80 % Alkaline foods and only 20 % Acidic foods should help you maintain an ideal pH balance.  It indicates the acidity or alkalinity of a solution; measured on a scale of 0-14 The lower the pH, the more acidic the solution; the higher the pH, the more alkaline the solution.When a solution is neither acid nor alkaline, it has a pH of 7, which is neutral. You can purchase test strips to test your pH. 

Balance! Balance! Balance!

"Our bodies were designed to function at an alkaline state. Not too acidic and also not too alkaline, ideally at pH of 7.365. An acidic body is a by-product of today's increasing acidic diet of sugar, alcohol, red meat, dairy products, processed foods, and coffee, teamed with pollution and stress. Many health issues are associated with an acidic body-low energy, weight gain, craving carbs and sugar may all mean you're acidic."

There is always new insight about nutrition and our bodies in the scientific world, but one thing that has never changed is that vegetables are healthy and our bodies appreciate real unprocessed foods! Here at Healthy Inspirations we understand our bodies do a lot to keep us in balance. If they know how to treat us well, we should treat them well and equip them with the nutrients they need to do their amazing jobs!

10 Alkaline Foods to Eat:

Avocados / Ripe Bananas / Almonds / Asparagus / Watermelon /Cayenne Pepper / Papaya / Lemons /Broccoli /Garlic

10 Acidic Foods to Avoid

Sugar / Hydrogenated Fats /Saturated Fats / Microwavable Meals / Fast Food / White Pasta /White Bread / Red Meats / Beer /Spirits / Milk Chocolate