Making Workouts Fun!

What's keeping you from going to the gym? Too tired? Working late? Intimidated? 

We've been there, too. Here are three strategies to keep you motivated:

1. Tell yourself, you only have to go for a short time. My members find that once they start, they stay longer because they feel energized and they feel less stressed.

2. Start your MORNING with a workout. Studies show that exercise gets better blood flow and oxygen to your brain for better work productivity.

3. Work out with a buddy. Having a little competition (or call it inspiration), it helps motivate you to work out harder and enjoy the process.

Here at Healthy Inspirations we have started an online planner so you can go online and schedule a time to work out with a friend. Just go to this link and sign your name for the time you're coming in and others can join you at the same time.


Working out with a Buddy can help motivate!!!