3 Changes for making 2018 your Best year!

1.  Eat REAL food. You're worth it. 

I have heard many excuses to why people aren't buying fresh, delicious food: "It cost too much." Have you checked out how much prescriptions and Doctor visits cost? "I don't have the time." What's a better way to spend your time than giving your family and yourself a nutritious meal?  True, this won't be an easy change "AT FIRST", but introduce more fresh vegetables, fruits and 100% whole grains starting with a few meals and slowly work up until this is what your body craves. You'll see and feel the difference. This change will be such a positive effect on your mind, body and spirit. I know because I see these kind of results. 

2. Get MOVING. Get stronger and become more alert.

Exercise clears the mind and improves your mood. Get out and run, walk or hike. Also make sure you get some strength training. Our muscles decrease as we age. (Oh I hate admitting that.) But strength training can help preserve your muscles and keep your bones strong. It's far easier to exercise than take a medication with side effects. Yes, all medications have side effects.

3. RELAX. You deserve it. 

Yoga, meditation and just let yourself BE. Stress can make you sick. So doing nothing, can be doing a lot. Put it on your to do list. It's an important thing everyday to keep yourself in a good positive place.  And I repeat-It's far easier than taking a medication!


Let me introduce you to a lady who has put these 3 changes into her life and sticks to these changes. Diane Etchison started these changes in 2009. Not only has she kept these changes, she went from "hating to sweat" to working out 5-6 times a week. Not only does she practice yoga, she now teaches yoga. Her advice to others-Change your Mind.--Say to yourself You can do it.--Don't take so much interest in how fast it will work, moreover, how it will transform your life.  Thank you, Diane for your Inspiration and Great Advice.

Diane Etchison Collage.jpg