Seven Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

1.  Make sure you're ready for Change. --  Take a moment to assess what you'll gain by losing weight.

2.  Set Goals. --   Make sure your goals are realistic, specific, and measurable.

3.  Track Yourself.  --   Keep a food diary to record daily what and how much you eat and when. Track your progress by your weight, your measurements, how your clothes fit, and how you feel.

4.  Eat Mindfully.  --  Know the best choices for nutritional value and enjoy eating. Take your time and savor all the great aromas and taste.

5.  Commit to Move More.  --  Exercise makes weight loss much easier. Make sure you include both cardio and strength training.

6.  Get Support.  --  As you make your way through your weight loss journey, cultivate a network of friends, family, professionals, and like-minded dieters.

7.  Have a Long-Term Plan.  --  Learn to recognize your triggers and nip it in the bud before it derails your weight loss plan. Give yourself a "Red Flag" between 2 - 5 pounds above your ideal weight. If you see that weight on the scale, consider it a signal to "Get Back on Track".

Would like to introduce you to my "Wonderful" daughter, Jamie! She got to her goal and has been maintaining for years. Once you know WHAT to do, YOU CAN DO IT!

Jamie Before and after collage.jpg