Water water water! Yes, it is very important to have plenty everyday. It is essential for our bodies for keeping our delicate tissues moist. It lubricates our joints, carries nutrients to our cells, regulates our body temperature and our digestion. It helps flush out toxins and waste products. Depending on your size and activity level, we should have approximately eight 8-ounce glasses per day.

But when we eat fruits and vegetables, the water in the fruits and vegetables stays in our bodies longer. Just like our bodies use the vitamins and nutrients, it also is hydrated. This water does not go straight through our bodies, but stays in our bodies longer. We simply absorb more water from food than plain water. 

So keep drinking the water, but add more fruits and vegetables for complete hydration. Those highest in water content are most often those with fewer calories and high fiber so an added benefit is weight loss. I would suggest eating water-filled vegetables before fruit as eating too much fruit adds more sugar.

Best food choices for Hydration and their water content:

Cucumbers  95.6%     Iceberg Lettuce 95.6%     Celery 95.4%     Radishes 95.3%     

Tomatoes 94.5%     Green Peppers 93.9%     Cauliflower 92.1%     Watermelon 91.5%

Spinach 91.4%     Star Fruit 91.4%     Strawberries 91.0%     Broccoli 90.7%     Grapefruit 90.5%

Baby Carrots 90.4%     Cantaloupe 90.2%