Testimonial-What Her Doctor Said to Confirm "Let Food Be Thy Medicine."

Want to share yet another testimonial on how Food can be your Medicine. This is an email I received from a client this week.

"Listen to THIS! My Doctor took me off my cholesterol prescription! I didn't even mention it. She brought it up. She said my `numbers` are so good, that she doesn't see any reason for me to be on the medication. My HDL , the good cholesterol, is 90, the LDL, the bad cholesterol, is 74. She said that's unheard of. For most people, the numbers are the other way around!

She wants to check these numbers again in three months, after I'm off the prescription. 

So there you have it. Do you see what a HUGH, positive impact you have on people's lives? You, and the eating plan, are life-savers, in every sense of the word. I feel that I have just now, at my `advanced age`, finally, learned how to feed myself! Wow. What a huge blessing this has been for me."