YOU GAINED WEIGHT --- 5 Tips to Get You Back on Track.

Some very good tips by Kirby Bumpus, MPH

1. START NOW AND START SMALL -- You gained's a bummer, but you can't harp on it; move forward. Stop saying "tomorrow will be the day I start." On days I don't want to workout, I tell myself to just do a little cardio. I do 5 minutes of cardio. Since I'm already in the gym, it's easier to talk myself into 10 minutes of strength moves, too Some days 20-30 minutes is enough. Apply the same philosophy to food and goal setting. Instead of focusing on the 80 total pounds you want to lose, put your energy towards the pounds you can lose in April.

2. LOSE THE GUILT -- It's easy to feel ashamed, guilty and embarrassed if you've gained or regained weight. Shift your focus from the past and set your sights on the concrete actions you take to move forward. Quit beating yourself up! Strive for progress, not perfection!

3. CONSIDER HELP FROM THE PROS -- Whether it's a personal trainer, nutritionist, medical doctor or therapist, it can help to have someone holding you accountable. If you have preexisting conditions, are trying to lose more than 100 pounds or have a BMI of 40 or greater, consulting a doctor ensures you are embarking on the plan that is best for your health.

4. MAKE A MEAL PLAN -- It always helpful to plan out your meals when you first start to prevent you from falling back into old bad habits. Personally, I love to cook (plus, cooking at home saves money) and incorporate as many veggies as possible into every meal.

5. REACH OUT TO FRIENDS -- Tell your family and friends you are working on your weight-loss goals. They may want to join you, and even do a challenge together. Your family can also create an environment that's more hospitable to your goals by keeping junk food out of sight or better yet, not bringing into the home in the first place. Sometimes it just helps to have someone to vent to.