These are two questions that are very important. 

#1. What is your weight loss goal? The charts do not have to dictate this number. Your goal weight is that which makes you feel and move comfortably. If you're not sure what that weight is, make your first goal a higher weight and see how you feel when you get there. You can always lose more, but better to succeed 5 lbs. at a time and not look at something too overwhelming.

#2.  Why do you want to lose weight? This is something that you need to really think about and keep in your mind along your weight loss journey. If your why is important, it's much easier to make good decisions for eating healthy, nutritionally dense foods and incorporate exercise in your life. When it comes to your "why"...write it down and put it everywhere...in your car, on your phone. Remind yourself constantly why you're doing what you're doing.