Never Doubt-You Can Lose the Weight!


“As I approach 30 I have only hope, excitement, joy and happiness! I’m looking forward to every thrilling adventure coming my way. This is all part of becoming the new healthier, happier, 17 ½ Inches smaller and 28 pounds lighter me. It was a journey after all else failed. Being told by doctors I was what their chart considered OVERWEIGHT! I tried every pill, drink, shake, six week shape up to six week slim down. There was push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, and tire pulls. The only thing I lost was money and hope. But with the help of Linda and Healthy Inspirations I found the cure to stop self doubting. I took the power to change and had all the support I needed. From 1 on 1 counseling, to personalized phone calls when you’ve missed days, to checking up on your well being, but not bugging you about not working out. They truly care and are with you all the way (Before and After). With the Healthy Inspirations’ family I got the real ME!!!    Danielle Strunk