Healthy Eating/Tasty Eating and the Super Bowl

Looking forward to this Sunday and the Super Bowl! Love the excitement and sharing with friends and family.  I'm a Broncos fan, but no matter who you want to win, all of us want to enjoy the food!

Are you concerned about pigging out? Here's some ideas that might help you enjoy, but not over indulge.

l. Have foods that are really tasty and contain both protein and fiber--two nutrients that have serious staying power. (Grilled artichokes and grilled chicken on skewers).

2. Make the food beautiful! Arrange a platter of fruits and vegetables, but make sure they are displayed in a pretty and fun way.

3. Use a small plate and make up a plate just for you with those things you really want. If you eat right out of the serving bowl, you will probably do a lot of mindless eating and end up eating so much more than you need or even want!

4. Make some substitutions that no one will even notice.

    Bake your own chips by baking whole wheat pitas in the oven and then breaking them up. They are delicious and the flavor won't interfere with taste of the dip. 

    Always use Greek Nonfat Yogurt in place of sour cream and use your own herbs and           seasonings, not packaged mixes.

    Make guacamole and get some of the best fat for your body. (Find a good recipe that does NOT contain mayonnaise.  I KNOW. I KNOW. But some people actually do this.)

    Serve sauces for grilled meats on the side Maybe your guest want the sauce, but you can make a healthier choice that still taste great. (This is what I do for ME because I'm worth it.)

If you are only making one dish and taking it to a party, make sure it's something healthy that you like and do not feel guilty about eating.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the game. I know I'm going to.