What motivates you to exercise and eat healthy?

Remember having a Report Card and getting Stars! Well, maybe not always, but if you did get a star it was a special pat on the back. Clients are getting stars for every time they exercise, attend their nutrition meeting, or when they lose weight! It's been fun and now it's time for a Party to Celebrate all the fantastic clients here at Healthy Inspirations. On Thursday, Nov. 3rd, we will recognize the effort of so many and also have drawings for special prizes! Of course, there will be refreshments and we'll be sharing the things that do motivate us to live a Healthy Lifestyle. 

Guest are also invited to attend and find out about Healthy Inspirations and enjoy the festivities. The guest will be included in a raffle and a chance to win prizes. The party will begin at 5:30, but you are invited to come later,  if it works for you. Just come in and enjoy for the time you can.