Five Strategies for Healthy Weight Loss

1.  Staying positive is important in any change you want to be permanent. Focus on all the great things you can have! Treat yourself well with good food that looks beautiful! 

2.  Focus on better quality food that nourishes your body. If it doesn't give you nutrients that your body needs, try not to eat it. In almost all cases, the less ingredients on the label, the better it is. Eat healthy, fresh foods and there won't be a label to even think about!

3.  When you're reading the label, check where the sugar, salt, and fat are coming from. For example: in a can of tomatoes, it may say it has a couple grams of sugar, but if the ingredients say just tomatoes, it's OK. Tomatoes have there own natural sugar so it's fine. No "added" sugar is the key.

4.  When you replace sugary foods with naturally sweet foods like fruit, you will begin to notice that those cravings will soon diminish. Chocolate cravings can be handled with dark chocolate. Just make sure it is 70% or higher for the cocoa content and watch portions.

5.  Keep a food diary! Write down everything you eat and why. You'll learn a lot about yourself. Are you eating because you're bored, depressed, happy, nervous, thirsty or are you really hungry?

6.  Exercise! Combine cardio and strength training into your schedule every week. "Exercise is like brushing my teeth. I don't think about it. I just do it."


  Your worth it!  Serve yourself well! 

Your worth it!  Serve yourself well!