Weight Loss the Healthy Way!

Thank you, Diane for your testimonial and your great success. You are one very inspirational person. Diane has now lost 26 lbs.   Here's Diane's Testimonial.

"I would like to take the time time to thank Linda Lex and her fantastic team!  I went for my annual exam and my Dr. said I was border line diabetic.  It scared me to death, so I asked her for her advice and she said, "It's all about the foods."  I thought I was eating all the right foods, but I soon learned it's also about balance, acceptance, and exercise.

That same day at work a customer came in and I complimented on how great she looked!  She said she went to a place called Healthy Inspirations.  She said all I had to do was call and ask for Linda Lex.  I called that same day and Linda was very kind and said I could come in that evening.

I started the next day.  I lost 25 lbs. in four months.  I went back to the Dr. after the four months and she was surprised to see I was no longer boarder line diabetic.  That goes to show you that if you eat the right foods you can stay healthy.  Just follow the meal plans and Linda's personal guidance and you will be the happiest person ever.

Again, thank you Linda and your wonderful staff in helping me get to my goals." Diane Garcia