Weight Loss -- Before and After


“For me it started with my annual physical, a fasting blood test,  a free couple of hours, and then my mammogram.


 It was the free couple of hours time frame and I was hungry.  So I pulled into the Budget Cafe across from the DMV in SLO.  Just past the cafe, I saw a door open with the word Healthy on it. I thought that perhaps a new healthy restaurant had sprung up.  Seeing as how the main gist of my Dr. appointment was the necessity of weight loss, I walked over to discover Healthy Inspirations and  Linda, the owner, who explained their program of healthy eating, exercise and counseling for women with a  guaranteed 2-3 pounds weight loss per week. 

All of us overweights know that none of that works unless one is motivated.  Apparently I was motivated.  I explained how I had been down that road, done that all before, along with every other weight loss idea that came my way. I was unable to lose the weight on my own or keep it off. I was 72 years old, 50 pounds overweight, had a serious heart condition, arthritis and was working a full time plus job. I told Linda that I needed help. Saying and knowing that,  I signed up, learned the program basics and finally went and had my mammogram.  The rest was just following through. 

It was easy.  It was fun. It was magic to me.  The weight just started melting off.  I stopped after work, 3 times a week to weigh in, counsel and exercise. I ate well and I felt so much better.  I'm not sure why it worked so well.  I know it is a combination of factors.  I was ready. The staff was highly supportive as were the other gals in the program.  I was comfortable. it was fun being there. I saw progress. Whatever.... it worked.   I feel that I have made a life change with my eating and I highly recommend this program to any woman who feels she is ready to do the same.”  

-Katy Taylor