After hearing /Dr Oz talk about garcinia (a weight loss supplement), I wanted to find out more about the product.  I found comments from people who have tried the product and Wow do we all fall for marketing!  There was over 800 comments and not many positive. It confirmed what we know, but don't like to except: Real weight loss comes when we eat healthy, exercise, and keep our thought positive. MIND   BODY   SPIRIT 


Here is one comment that says it so well.  

"I was excited about using this product and it's claims. I recently seemed to have gained 12 lbs effortlessly. So I started exercising and watching what I eat. It's been one month and NO RESULTS!!! I called the support line that advised me to cut out all starchy carbs, and really limit my calories. She actually told me to not to not eat broccoli or any grains. I was a bit stunned to hear that. So I started questioning in my mind, what is the point if all this. Why take this supplement when they're advising to basically follow a low carb diet, which by itself can result in weight loss. Why take a supplement on top of that. Bottom line, it doesn't work unless you follow a strict regimen. You just simply have to decide to stop eating any processed crap, exercise regularly and don't expect the lbs to come off so quickly, be patient and stick with it. Don't stop going to the gym, don't give up and forget Garcinia Cambogia."

May your weight loss journey be enjoyable and sustainable! 

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