Just say No!

Ok. So maybe I go a little overboard about added sugars and processed foods, but I think people need to be aware of what they are eating so they can make an informed decision as to what they and their families are consuming.

"Old fashioned" processed foods include such things as hard sausage, dairy products including cheese, lacto-fermented foods, and wine and spirits, which all use nutritious raw ingredients and are processed in a way that does not disturb their nutritional content, even over long periods of time.

In addition, processing food in this manner kept money on the farm and in the farming communities - not in the pocket of major corporations.

"Modern" food processing bears little resemblance to traditional food processing.  Even though both may involve some mechanical element - only modern food processing uses added chemicals.

Modern food processing is dependent on sugar, white flour, processed oils, synthetic additives and high heat.  Perhaps in some cases the process starts with a whole food, but what comes out at the end very rarely can be considered either wholesome or nutritious.  It's main claim to fame is that it makes a lot of money for those who produce it.


1.  Extrusion  (During this process, grains are mixed with water to create a mush that is placed in a machine known as an extruder.  The grains are forced through a tiny hole at a very high temperature with great pressure to shape the grains. If the grains are going to be a boxed cereal, the flakes, shreds, or little 0's are then sprayed with processed oil and refined sugar.  Other foods going thru this process includes pasta, bread, ready-to-eat snacks, pre-made cookie dough, some baby food, and even some beverages.)

2.  Added Sugar (Make sure you check the ingredients and know that sugar has a number of different names.  Processed foods and beverages are the largest sources of added sugar in the modern diet - especially the very dangerous product - high fructose corn syrup. Over 40% of the non-calorie sweeteners used in the U.S. are made from high fructose corn syrup.)

3.  Food Addiction ( Studies have clearly demonstrated that unique combinations of sugar, artificial ingredients and refined fat act the same way in the human body as cocaine.)

4.  Modern Wheat  (Wheat is nothing like the 4 1/2 foot tall "amber waves of grain" it used to be, but perhaps a distant relative.  Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, says it is genetically and biochemically "light years' removed from the wheat of only four decades ago but now sold as "healthy whole grain")

5.  GMO's  (According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, genetically modified organisms are present in 75 to 80 percent of processed foods.  Because the FDA does not require foods to be labeled, most people have no idea of the amount of GMO's they are digesting.)



Sugar or Cocaine?

Sugar or Cocaine?