Happy Easter! Creating good snack habits.

Tricks for creating good snack habits.

Trick #1  Schedule snacks two to three hours after each meal.  Then you won't get blindsided by fat and sugary cravings--that's what a fast food addiction is.  You can block those urges by eating (instead of a doughnut) plain, 0% Greek yogurt with fresh fruit or some lean protein, such as sliced turkey.  This keeps blood sugar levels steady--easing cravings--and helps you lose weight.

Trick #2  Become a label reader. Stay clear of anything with added sugars or syrups, trans or saturated fats. 

Trick #3  Chose smart sweets. Fresh fruits give you the sugar boost you're looking for and benefit your bones and cardiovascular system.  Nuts are loaded with protein and healthy, appetite-satisfying fats.  Servings of nuts  should be in moderation because they are fat and  even good fats have 9 calories per gram.

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