Maintain Weight or Lose Weight During the Holidays

Enjoying the company is what the celebration is all about!

Enjoying the company is what the celebration is all about!

At what age did we start eating with our heads and not our stomachs?  As a child I remember my family and friends started talking about how much they were looking forward to Thanksgiving and eating all that food.  I wanted to know their secret!  Just couldn’t figure out how they could eat more at that dinner and during that time period.  When I was full, I was full.  What did those grownups know that I didn’t know? 

 Well, I learned years later when I ate more, family and friends seemed to think it was really a good thing and being a people pleaser, I found I could eat more than I really wanted.  That’s when I became overweight and very uncomfortable in my body.

Now as I’m helping others with their weight problems, I think about some of my issues and how I had to work thru them striving to be my true self.  We all are “Works in Progress”.

So what does that have to do with maintaining or losing weight over the holidays?  It tells us, it’s all in our heads.  We remember what we’ve always done and expect to do it again this year and that’s using the holidays as an excuse to over eat or eat listening to our heads not our bodies.

Mindless eating just isn’t fun!  We are meant to enjoy eating.  That means appreciating the smells, taste and satisfaction it gives us.  If we listen to our bodies, we will not eat mindlessly and we will not over indulge. 

I looked up all kinds of information and Tips of how Not to gain weight over the holidays and picked out some I thought might actually work, but nothing will work better then listening to your body.  Then you can feel good about what you’re eating and have no regrets.  Starting these practices now, not in January will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Tips to Remember:

Make wise choices.

 If Aunt Betty brings her special dessert that she only makes once a year, have a little and enjoy, but if it’s something you could buy anytime pass it up. 

Have a plan BEFORE you arrive at the party.  If you’re going to a restaurant, you can even plan ahead as to what you will order. With the internet available, you can check out menus.

 At someone’s home, offer to bring something and make it healthy.  Again you can check out delicious and healthy recipes on the internet.

Focus on something other than food.  Enjoying the company is the main purpose for any get together.

Keep your regular routine as much as possible.  Don’t skip meals or your daily exercise routine. 

This one Holiday or this one Party is not all there is. Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet!