Seven Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

Step l.  Make sure you’re ready for Change.

            Are you ready to lose weight?  Take a moment to assess what you’ll gain by losing weight, and the sacrifices you’ll need to make.  Weigh the balance to make sure you’re ready to commit.

Step 2.  Set Goals.

            Decide what weight loss makes sense for you.  You’ll get the most out of your goals if they are realistic, specific, and measurable.

Step 3.  Track yourself.

            Keep a food diary to record daily what and how much you eat.  Also record your activity for the day, and then track your progress.

Step 4.  Eat Mindfully.

            Know the best choices for nutritional value and enjoy eating.  Take your time and savor all the great aromas and taste.

Step 5.  Commit to Move More.

        Exercise makes weight loss much easier-but more importantly people who move more are more likely to keep the weight off.  Strength training is very important to rev up your metabolism and produce results quickly.

Step 6.  Get Support.

        Losing weight is challenging-we can’t expect to do it alone.  As you make your way through losing weight, you’ll need to cultivate a network of friends, family, coworkers, professionals, and like-minded dieters.

            Know your saboteurs.  Some people, unintentionally or otherwise, might try to derail your weight loss plans.  Don’t wait to take action!  Talk about it and let your suspected saboteurs know how their actions affect you.

Step 7.  Have a Long-Term Plan.

        As you reach your weight loss goals, you’re ready for the final step:  creating a long-term strategy that will help your successes stick.  Learn to recognize the lapse-relapse-collapse cycle-and nip a lapse in the bud before it derails your weight loss plans.  Designate a “red-flag” weight-say 3 – 5 pounds above your ideal weight goal.  If you see that weight on the scale, consider it a signal that you need to act immediately!