Substitute this for Healthy Weightloss

Below are 35 ways to cut approximately 100 or more calories, each, from your diet:

1.     Make an omelet using egg whites instead of whole eggs.

2.     Eat a medium orange instead of drinking orange juice.

3.     Eat fresh grapes instead of raisins.

4.     Add vegetable toppings to your pizza instead of pepperoni.

5.     Drink water instead of fruit juice.

6.     Drink fat-free milk instead of whole milk.

7.     Order thin-crust pizza instead of pan pizza.

8.     Top a baked potato with fat free Greek yogurt instead of butter, cheese or sour      cream.

9.     Order grilled fish, not fried.

10.  Don’t eat the shell from your taco salad.

11.  Remove the skin from your roasted chicken.

12.  Substitute salad or fruit for fries as a side.

13.  Order butter-free popcorn at the movie theater.

14.  Pick fresh fruit instead of dried fruit.

15.  Choose a granola bar for a snack instead of a brownie.

16.  Substitute steamed rice for fried rice.

17.  Use a small bowl for your cereal.

18.  Use a small plate for your lunch and dinner.

19.  Eat non-fat yogurt.

20.  Split a meal with someone.

21.  Select lean meats.

22.  Make sandwiches with light, whole-wheat bread.

23.  Replace granola with cheerios.

24.  Snack on fruit instead of candy.

25.  Choose canned tuna in water, instead of oil

26.  Use one tablespoon of mayonnaise in your tuna salad instead of two.

27.  Use lemon on your fish instead of tartar sauce.

28.  Fill your omelet with vegetables instead of cheese.

29.  Steam your own vegetables instead of the frozen kind in cream sauce.

30.  Avoid “tasting” while you cook.

31.  Don’t take any second helpings.

32.  Order your coffee or tea without cream.

33.  Snack on frozen grapes or blueberries instead of ice cream.

34.  Skip the milkshake, instead prepare a fruit smoothie.

35.  Replace a cup of corn with a cup of carrots.

"True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington."