Weight Loss Testimonial from an Inspirational Woman

Thank you, for sharing your story, Lorna!

 “As I approached my 60th birthday, I realized that I weighed more than at any time ever before in my life. I don’t know why most of the things we lose we never find again, but weight doesn’t seem to be one of those things.  So I made a resolution to lose some weight.  I am a take charge, do it myself gal.  I know the value of maintaining a healthy weight and making healthy food choices.  I have lost weight quite successfully in the past (despite my fondness for cookies and that my husband is a foodie and phenomenal cook).  However, losing weight this time just didn’t seem to happen.  No matter how much I read about smart eating, no matter how smart I was (I thought) about my eating, no matter what changes I made or what I did, my 61st birthday arrived and I had not lost any weight.  I was frustrated and DONE with not losing weight.  I knew I was going to need help. 

I met Linda right before my 60th birthday at a business event when I was still of the opinion that I did not need her help to attain my weight goal.  Right before my 61st birthday she called me again and this time I returned her call.  I explained to her that I had survived Polio at age 1 year and have significant limitations on what exercises I can do.  I shared with her that my weight was causing my arms to ache so badly that at night after doing only a little walking or shopping, I had trouble getting to sleep. 

I met with Linda and she said she could and would help me lose the weight. I wanted a steady, slow weight loss with strength training.  I wanted something that was going to be sustainable.  I wanted to lose the weight and maintain a healthy weight permanently.  Linda tailored her program to meet my needs and preferences.  We identified what exercises I could do and she created a plan that would integrate with my busy schedule.  I set a goal of 30 pounds and I am now within less than 2 pounds of that goal. 

I have gotten all of the usual “promised” benefits of weight loss.  Yes, I got an increase in energy.  Yes, I feel better than I did before.   Yes, my clothes fit better.  (I did have to buy quite a few new things as most of what I had is now too big.)   I also got the benefit of being able to go shopping (3 hours with my daughter last weekend) without being in sleep-robbing pain.  But I also got an unexpected benefit - while not exactly one I discuss freely.  One surprising result of my new and improved eating habits is that I no longer have chronic diarrhea.  I had my gall bladder removed when I was 32 and have had this condition since.  I was told it was “normal” so just dealt with it.  Guess what?  It is not normal.  I had always noticed that when I ate sweets, it was worse.  Now with the significant reductions of sugars and processed foods from my diet, I no longer suffer at all from this condition. 

I feel absolutely fabulous and beautiful.  Linda helped me to achieve my weight loss goals and I simply could not have done it without her.   She embraced my needs to have a program that accommodated my physical limitations and busy life.  She provided counseling and guidance, but most importantly she gently held me accountable and provided kind, nonjudgmental support.  She has made a difference in my life and in my future.  I wish I had done this sooner.”  Lorna W.

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