Fast and Easy Weight Loss Trick.

Skipping meals can sabotage your shopping---and your commitment to weight loss.  According to a new Cornell study, it's not just that you buy more , but you buy more unhealthy! 

"People skip meals for all sorts of reasons-dieting, fasting, insane schedules that make you forget to eat," says Aner Tal, PhD, from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, lead author of the study.  "But it doesn't matter why you skipped a meal, it can still make you buy more potato chips and ice-cream and less baby carrots and skim milk."

The best advise to avoid this from happening?  Plan your grocery list and keep healthy snacks (vegetables, fruits, or lean proteins) available at work and have a healthy snack before hitting the grocery store.  Just eating a small apple should do the trick. 

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