Diet Trends/Fads in 2013

What were some of the "Hot" diet trends?  Let me know what you tried and how it worked (or didn't) for you.

One of the top ones I kept hearing people talk about was the GLUTEN-FREE DIET. In the past I had people come in who were on a gluten-free diet because they had an intolerance to gluten.  Even though they had been gluten-free for years, it certainly didn't help them lose weight or even maintain their weight.  If you have a problem with gluten, it would be very important to eliminate it, but unless you substitute fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, lean protein, and legumes for the processed foods with gluten don't expect weight loss just because you eliminate gluten.  If you are replacing gluten with corn and rice, you most likely will gain weight.  Be really careful how manufacturers use these popular diets to sell their product!  Just because a product says "Gluten-free" does not mean it's a healthy choice.  Read those ingredients and better yet buy fresh and you won't have labels to read!

A few of the other popular diets were the Paleo Diet, the Detox Diet, and the Blood Type Diet.  A good rule is if one food group is totally eliminated or if the diet suggest eating large amounts of one food group, the diet is probably not healthy and/or will be impossible to follow for any length of time.  Balance is the key to diet as well as life! 


Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!