Being Fit, but Feasting! Think Quality!

From the standpoint of your body chemistry, nutrient-rich foods will leave you more satisfied even though you eat smaller portions. The reason is simple. Nutrient-rich foods contain a wide variety and significant amount of essential nutrients, and do not have to be eaten in large quantities to provide your body with nutrient supplies. Because a small serving still makes a large nutritional impact, your body can be chemically satisfied with a relatively small amount.

Hunger, however, is not the only thing we try to satisfy when we eat.  We might eat to reduce our stress, or to end our boredom, or comfort our sadness, or to lessen our anger.  Make sure you know why you are eating and remember, “If hunger is not the problem then eating is not the solution.”

To find some great, quality recipes for the Holidays join us at Healthy Inspirations next Thursday, Dec. 19th 5:30 to 7:00 pm for our HI Feast. There will be a food demonstration, recipes,samples and everyone attending will receive a raffle ticket to win a special gift.  Bring one of your own recipes, a sample and a friend!  Or just come and enjoy!