Is sugar hiding in your cupboards?

Names for Sugar and 10 Reasons Why it is Important to Know


Sugar, many feel, should be renamed the white devil. It is a highly addictive substance that lurks in more foods than we can ever imagine. Sugar, a highly refined substance has a toxic effect on the human body that is cumulative.

The sugar found in whole fruits our body recognizes and should not be avoided.  As any food, eat fruits in moderation.

Of course, the health implications of sugar are well documented, here are just ten reasons why you should avoid it at all costs:

§  Sugar suppresses the immune system.

§  Sugar elevates blood sugar.

§  Sugar disrupts mineral balance.

§  Sugar disrupts digestion.

§  Sugar causes tooth decay.

§  Sugar contributes to obesity.

§  Sugar can cause heart disease.

§  Sugar can cause food allergies.

§  Sugar can cause depression.

§  Sugar increases the risk of certain cancers.


One of the major problems with sugar is that it has a large number of pseudonyms. Take the time to look at some things you have in your cupboard and when you go to the store – watch for these names.

Eventually…. you will want to avoid any products with these ingredients. Realize how sugar is not just the white stuff in the bag – all of these ingredients are sugar and have the same effect on the body as sugar.

Barley malt, Corn syrup solids, Honey, Beet sugar, Date sugar, Fruit juice concentrate, Invert sugar, Brown sugar, Glucose, Lactose, Buttered syrup, Glucose solids, Malt syrup, Cane-juice crystals, Golden sugar, Cane sugar, Golden syrup, Maltose, Carmel, Grape sugar, Carob syrup, Fructose, High fructose corn syrup, Molasses, Raw sugar, Refiners sugar, Sorghum syrup, Sucrose, SUGAR

Linda’s Easy Cranberry Dish


1 Bag of Fresh Cranberries

Juice of One Orange (Or use a little Pineapple Juice)

Pomegranate Seeds


Heat the cranberries and juice in a sauce pan, stirring often, until cranberries start to open.  Cook until cranberries are soft and start to thicken.  Take off the heat and let cool.  Stir in pomegranate seeds.  Add as many as taste good to you.  The pomegranate seeds sweeten the dish naturally.  No sugar needed!