Tips to help you lose weight and/or maintain.

Watch out for "Diet Foods".  Low fat does not mean less calories.  If there's less fat, very likely there is more sugar, sodium or some unknown substance.  Read those labels!

Sleep at least 6+ hours a night.  When our bodies are tired, they look for energy and usually that means food (our source of energy).  We think we're hungry when we really just need rest.

Fill your refrigerator, not your pantry.  Buying fresh and not canned or processed may take a little more time, but no time or energy will ever be better spent!  Your family will be healthier now and the habit of "fresh" eating will last them a life time.

Keep moving.  Even if you exercise regularly, it is also a good practice to get up and move when you can, while at work or even watching the game on the weekend.

Watch your portions.  Use smaller plates, bowls, and glasses.  Take one portion at a time from large packages and put the rest away. (This will help you eat mindfully, as well.)