The Family That Eats Together

Today we live busy lives.  We sometimes forget to stop and appreciate our loved ones, share with them our day and come together as a family.  Eating dinner together is the perfect time for this.  Setting aside a couple nights a week for a family dinner can result in better family health.
Why should we eat together?

Family bonding.  Eating a family meal creates an environment that fosters family conversations.

Eating at home saves money.  Restaurants are in the business to make money.  Their labors, real estate and profit margin all cost. 

Home-cooked meals are healthier.  Commercially prepared foods are notoriously high in sugar, starch, fat and sodium.  Home cooking is a good way to ensure the nutritional value of our meals.

Eating at home promotes both learning and a healthy lifestyle.  Eating together as a family can teach good communication skills such as listening patiently and expressing one's opinion in a respectful manner.

Eating together helps children appreciate family tradition.  Food served at the family table helps to shape and give lasting meaning to our cultural heritage.

"What greater blessing to give thanks for at a family gathering than the family and the gathering."  Robert Brauly