Celebrate without the guilt!

The holiday season doesn't have to be a time for over indulging and feelings of guilt because of a spoiled healthy eating plan.  Be sure to go to the holiday dinners prepared and with a plan, remember preparation equals success!  Here's a few helpful hints.

l. Don't skip meals.  People who skip meals to save up calories tend to over eat everything in sight once they get there.

2. Wear snug clothes.  Will help keep you from overeating.

3. Chew gum.  This works well when you're cooking as well.

4.  Drink lots of water.  Not only does it fill you, it hydrates when you're having holiday cocktails.

5.  Be a food snob.  If you don't love it, don't eat it. 

6.  Trim back on the trimmings.  Go easy on the extras, things that really don't add much to the meal, but can add plenty to your waistline.

7.  Limit the variety.  Put only a couple of items on your plate at a time, then eat slowly and mindfully, savor every mouthful.

8.  Add fun and games.  Rather then focusing only on the food, try other activities such as playing charades or my favorite, get up and dance!

9.  Keep up with your activity.  Continue your regular exercise routine.  Perhaps even bump it up a notch.

10.  Put it behind you.  When the holidays are over, get back to basics.