Eating Habits for a Life Time

  1. Focus on all-around wellness. It’s not about what you’re being deprived of, but about what wellness you’re receiving. Fill your plate with a variety of unprocessed foods,drink plenty of water,and get your sleep. Incorporating mindfulness in your everyday routine will change your behavior for the better.

  2. Beans, even though high in carbs, are very beneficial in our diets. Just remember an uncooked serving size is 1/4 cup uncooked and 1/2 cup cooked.

  3. The time of the day you consume calories DOES make a difference. Good rule to follow—eat any starches for breakfast or lunch and stick to proteins and vegetables for your evening meal.

  4. Get very clear on this fact: your success,or lack thereof, will be determined by the food you put in your mouth. Your focus needs to be on building habits. Give yourself a few months to develop rock-solid eating habits. Exercise won’t make you lose weight. It will help you to MAINTAIN a slender physique but it will not help you get there in the first place.

Weight Maintenance Reminder.

                                        Twas My 51st Year

                                        By Katie Collins


1.Twas my 51st year                                         6. So off to HI                                                                                                    

And all through the house,                         And Linda I ran.

Were signs and symptoms                         I’d heard from my friends

Of unwelcome pounds.                               They had a do-able plan.


2. I’d long since forgotten                           7. This plan, it made sense.

What it meant to eat right.                         And it worked! Yes, yes, yes!

I’d pick here and there,                                The pounds, they ticked off,

Well into the night.                                       Not more, but less.


3. Not chips, mind you,                               8. There were proteins and starches,

Or cookies or sweets,                                  Fruits and veggies,

I’d just eat LOTS of everything,                  Dairy and exercise,

Veggies and meats.                                     “Pass the water, please!”


4. Of course, there was cheese,                9. The wedding day came

And salted sardines,                                    And I fit into the dress.

And the culprit extreme                             More important than that, though,

Were the nibbles-in-between.                  I was feeling my BEST!


5. Then my son, he proposed,                  10. The time was right…

And caused a great chatter…                    The plan so sensible.

A wedding was coming!                             Here’s to HI!

I just couldn’t get fatter!                            I think it’s INCREDIBLE!

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