About Healthy Inspirations

Our Healthy Vision

We are creating a new category of business. It is more than just weight loss – it is HEALTHY weight loss. We exist between the traditional weight loss industry and the fitness industry. We represent a convergence of the best these industries can offer. By combining our four steps to success under one roof we present a unique offering. Being a healthy solution is particularly important for women and by staying true to our vision mission and values we will be the leader of the healthy weight loss category.

Our Healthy Mission

"Healthy Inspirations is dedicated to inspiring women to change their lives" Every day our mission is to inspire women to change their lives. By educating, encouraging and inspiring them to change life habits that have put the weight on, we will help them lose weight and keep it off for good.

Our Healthy Values

"fun, care, knowledge, integrity, inspiration" Our women deserve to have some FUN. Stress contributes to weight gain and the decision to lose weight is usually stressful. To help balance the scales we will have some fun with our ladies.

We truly CARE about the health of our women. Many have tried products that promised to cure only to be disappointed. We put people first and deliver on our promise.


We educate ourselves and our women to ensure their weight loss is healthy and sustainable. With knowledge comes the freedom to control our destiny.

In every action and every interaction we will display absolute INTEGRITY. It is the bedrock of trust that allows our women to believe in us and our program. 

Our women rely on us to provide the INSPIRATION for a life changing experience. Think of our center as a theater and our systems the script. We depend on the inspirational performance of our lifestyle consultants to create a magical experience.